Sunday, June 19, 2016

My husband was right...

It's not often that you'll hear a woman say this... but, my husband was right. (gasp!)

As a working mother and a business owner, I tend to work... A LOT. I work during the day at my store, and sometimes even nights and weekends (especially through the Holiday season). I've been known to work all day at the shop, come home and eat dinner, throw a load of laundry in, spend some time with the kiddos before they head to bed and then head down to the shop again in the middle of the night, while my family sleeps. Just to get product made and on my shelves.

I do this because it is my passion. My business is my baby, and just as with my biological kiddos, I will do anything to help see it thrive. I don't mind putting in the hours or the hard work, because it's just part of what it takes to help this "baby" grow. But, apparently, according to my husband, I've been missing a pretty important piece of it.... 
(we'll get to that in a second) 

Now, I've been working since I was 15 years old. Thanks to my parents, I was instilled with a pretty strong work ethic. No matter what job I held, I always gave it my best. From mucking stalls at a horse stable, to busing tables in a restaurant, to taking care of patients in a doctor's office... I always gave 100%. So why would my husband be telling me that I'm not giving my best to my OWN business? The business I pour my blood, sweat and tears into. He had to be pretty ballsy to put that out there... but, you know what? He was RIGHT.

When I go to work at my shop... I go PREPARED to WORK. Hair pulled back, sleeves rolled up.. ready to do whatever needs to be done. Ready to dig elbow-deep into 5 gallon buckets of oils, mix lye, sling soap batter, scoop bubble truffles, roll solid bubble bars, measure ingredients for bath bombs, seal spa mask packets... WHATEVER it takes!

So, when my husband told me that I wasn't giving my best, I had to take a step back and take a breath (you know, so I wouldn't black his eye). He wasn't being mean or critical, he was being honest in his observations. He had noticed that I wasn't putting my best face forward for my own business, not like I do when I work for someone else.
This is not to say he thought I was slacking or not putting in the same effort I do for others, because that's just not the case. He was, quite literally, talking about my FACE. When I go to my shop, I go to WORK. I have my "maker" hat on and am focused on getting stuff DONE. I am often covered in oils, soap batter and random powders... and, even though I wear an apron, it's maybe not the best look when having to come to the front end and help my customers. (Hair back in a ponytail, no make-up... you get the idea)

When I work for others I am typically wearing make-up, my hair is washed and I'm a little more... for lack of a better term... "put together". So WHY do I skip this part when I am working for myself?!??


Talk about a light bulb moment! I work hard for my business, and should be putting my best face forward. I can still get things done while wearing mascara. 

...and sometimes even a tiara!

I honestly believe that we, as makers, sometimes forget that we are also the face of our companies. We are too busy focusing on doing the dirty work, that we forget that we also get to FACE our customers and take credit for all of that hard work! 

Do yourselves a favor, makers... and remember to put your
Best Face Forward!


  1. Wow! Tell your hubby I like my lashes game like I like my coffee...strong and black! Bahaha!

    This is a fantastic post for several reasons...

    #1 being that we all go through this. We all rush to make a living in our craft no matter the cost because we would lay in front of a bus for it. BUT I hate to say it...that's where success lives. It truly is. Hard work and dedication. There's no magic talent that successful people are born with...we are ALL born with the ability to fight...and sometimes that means no makeup, messy bun, and oil stained clothes because we are fighting for our chance to live in our dream.

    #2 is that when you finally step away from it, as your husband BRAVELY directed you to, you yourself see what he means which is why you were open to it and awesome go sharing like this. Justin reminds me that "'re a someone going to buy beauty products from your crochet wearing self?! It's the shoemakers kids that go with bare feet.

    #3 I think you're beautiful no matter what because I know your heart and soul are centered in a beautiful place. Remember that from me to you.

    Thank you and Keith for reminding us beauty makers that we need to whip out at least some mascara if that's what putting our best face forward means to us.

    1. Charlene... that's the thing... he was trying to remind me that, at least while my doors are unlocked and my business is open to customers, that I should TRY to be a little more presentable. My business deserves that from me. I will ALWAYS be covered in oils and powders... but that comes with MAKING... and MAKING and being handmade is what sells my products. I'll try to whip on some eyeliner and mascara (I'll leave some at the shop, just in case)... and save my Gollum-warmed-over look for the late nights after the customers have gone home for the day. LoL. We do what it takes, and that's what makes it work. <3

  2. What a brave man! But he is right! Thanks for sharing!

  3. WOW! He does have a good point! I always make sure I am made up when I work a shift at my store, but not always when I run up there for a few minutes to check on something or help with a problem! Customers see me then too! Guess I should look at the mirror fast before I run out the door! LOL

  4. What a great blog post! It is so easy to be comfy in our business. Making more of an effort also benefits your mind-set and productivity! <3 <3

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I don't blog often (quite the understatement, really)... but this just hit home with me and I needed to put it out there. We to a lot for our businesses... putting our best face forward should be one of those things we remember to do as well.